As Fiz continues to look after Chesney she finds herself increasingly short of money. Jodie's delighted with Jason and Bill's work on the shop. Norris is annoyed at Rita's plans for another boozy lunch with Doreen. Fiz is furious to find Les and Cilla drinking their child benefit money away in the Rovers. Amy's birthday party takes place. Tracy and Steve get on well and behave like the perfect parents. Ken and Deirdre are pleased but Liz is uneasy at their closeness. Fiz and Kirk raid No.5 stealing groceries and toiletries in a bid to reclaim Chesney's child benefit money. Wilf casually puts a coin in the fruit machine and wins all the money Les and Cilla have just put in. Doreen and Rita head out for lunch with a spring in their step. Liam reiterates to Joanne how their relationship is just a casual one and nothing more. Joanne covers her disappointment. Furious Cilla storms round to the Salon flat and accuses Fiz of thieving. After the party, Steve and Tracy cosy up on the sofa. Tracy kisses Steve and although he knows it's a bad idea he kisses her back passionately.


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  • Alongside Amelia Caudwell, Holly is also played by two other babies whose names are unknown.
  • TV Times synopsis: Tracy and Steve celebrate Amy's birthday and the event brings them closer. Fiz tires of forking out for Chesney's food while Cilla fritters cash on slot machines, and heads to her mum's house to help herself to the contents of the cupboard. Jodie praises Bill's work as he assists Jason.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,670,000 viewers (5th place).
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