Jason frantically searches for Holly only to discover that Eileen's got her. Jason admits to Violet that he felt nothing but relief when he thought the baby had gone. Steve invites Tracy out intent on making Michelle jealous. Tracy's delighted. Chesney's fed up with Fiz fussing over him. He calls round to No.5 where Les and Cilla are busy decorating. Les goes out to fetch a pizza. When Fiz calls in looking for him, Chesney hides under the dust-sheet covering the sofa. Michelle's got a date with Sonny and Steve a date with Tracy, although they're both secretly jealous. Doreen persuades Rita to have a drink and shows her some brochures of shows they could go and see. Norris is disapproving. Tracy accuses Steve of using her to make Michelle jealous but Steve assures he she's wrong and he wants to be with her. Paul and Liam look after Ryan for the evening. Carla's unimpressed to arrive home to play station and pizza boxes. Jason phones Social Services and reports Holly as being a neglected baby.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Jason tells Violet he's not cut out to be a dad - before picking up the phone to call Social Services; and Carla is cross at Paul's lack of interest in her business.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,600,000 viewers (1st place).
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