Claire child-minds Freddie and Holly at No.11 while Eileen goes to work. Molly, Tyrone, Fiz and Kirk go in search of treasure on the Red Rec with the metal detector. They get excited when they discover an old coin. Steve tells Lloyd about Sean snogging Sonny. Lloyd feels sorry for Michelle. Sonny makes it clear to Sean that their kiss didn't mean anything and was merely a drunken snog. Sean's hurt. Carla gives Becky her job back but on £2 per hour less than before. Becky agrees to ask round the hostel and see if there are any other machinists. Michelle and Sonny flirt across the Rovers bar. Sean is disgusted at Sonny's brazen behaviour. Emily, Betty and Norris surprise Rita with a birthday drink in the Rovers. Eileen arrives home to find a scene of domestic bliss and Claire doing the ironing. Sean confesses to Jamie that he kissed Sonny. Jamie's shocked. Michelle pokes fun at Steve's relationship with Tracy. Steve defends Tracy - smug in the knowledge that Sonny's bisexual and Michelle is unaware.


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  • Alongside Amelia Caudwell, Holly is also played by two other babies whose names are unknown.
  • TV Times synopsis: Steve revels in knowing Sonny's secret and doesn't miss the chance to make his rival feel uncomfortable. Sean confides in Jamie, unable to keep his love interest's identity to himself; Becky and Carla reach an agreement; and Rita brushes off Norris's party in favour of an evening with Doreen.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,960,000 viewers (3rd place).
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