Episode 6528
Production code P694/6528
ITV transmission date 6th April 2007
Script editor Sarah Mann
Kathryn Pugsley
Story editor Stuart Blackburn
Story associates Martin Sterling
Hamish Wright
John Kerr
Kate Rogerson
Writer Jan McVerry
Designer Alan Davis
Director Neil Alderton
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Steve Frost
Previous episode 4th April 2007
Next episode 8th April 2007


Steve attempts to do Amy's hair for her but Liz takes over when she sees Amy's cock-eyed bunches. Kayleigh turns up at the Mortons' house absolutely starving. Jerry's suspicious and wonders if Teresa is looking after her properly. Tracy phones from prison to speak to Ken. She asks him to visit her but refuses to speak to Deirdre. Vernon gives a young girl a drumming lesson. The noise drives Liz and Steve mad. Liz tells Vernon his drums have got to go as Amy is now her priority. After a tip-off from Janice, the Immigration Officers carry out a raid on Underworld. The Polish girls prove to be totally legal but the girls are horrified when Joanne admits to being an illegal immigrant and is arrested and taken away. Paul and Liam are furious at the bad publicity the Immigration Officers will cause them. They suspect a competitor must have tipped them off. Kayleigh pretends to phone her mum to appease Jerry. She actually speaks to Finlay who's home alone. Steve talks to Michelle about being a single parent. Michelle's sympathetic. Amy asks Steve where mummy is. Steve explains that Tracy's gone away for a long time.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



  • First appearance of Finlay Bryant.
  • TV Times synopsis: Immigration and police officials arrive at the factory following a tip-off, much to the excitement of Janice - who claims to be the whistleblower. Vernon's new career teaching aspiring drummers leads to tension; and Jerry frets about the situation between Kayleigh and her mother.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,100,000 viewers (3rd place).
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