Blanche coerces Deirdre into going to the B&B to talk to Ken. Daniel is offhand with Ken. Ken realises that building a relationship with him won't be easy. Darryl's loud music continues to upset Claire and Gail. Claire says she'll ring the council again. Carla invites Leanne and Liam over for a meal. Deirdre goes to the B&B and finds out that Ken didn't stay there last night, she's livid. Paul tries to pretend that he is okay with Leanne coming over for dinner. Carla is still suspicious about why Paul doesn't like her. Denise tells Ken that he should try and talk to Deirdre. Claire and Gail tell Jerry that the shed is illegal due to its size. Jerry promises to do something about it, although has no intention of doing so. Kirk is upset and tries to talk to Maria about the kennels but she's too busy. Steve doesn't want to play golf with Paul and Dev. Michelle tells him he should. Violet is still getting texts from Gary. Kirk tells Maria that the kennels are being sued due to him accidentally causing a pedigree dog to be castrated. Maria is furious with Kirk and tells him that he's useless. Kirk is miserable. Fiz apologises for not having time for him. Deirdre and Ken have a blazing row. Ken storms out. Deirdre is seething. Leanne tells Liam she wants to take it slowly.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Deirdre is furious to discover Ken spent the night at Denise's and wastes no time in making her feelings clear - but her husband isn't prepared to go down without a fight; Paul's hopes of avoiding Leanne are dashed when Carla invites her to dinner; and Kirk is distraught when he discovers the kennels could be closed after the castration of the wrong dog.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,340,000 viewers (2nd place).
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