Kirk is in the depths of despair having lost his job. Michelle and Steve kiss tentatively on the Street. Paul clocks them. Fiz calls into the school and John suggests they meet for lunch. Fiz is delighted. Violet's thrilled that Steve and Michelle have finally got together. Liz isn't so impressed however. Maria gives Kirk a pep talk and tells him he's in danger of losing Fiz. Maria reckons Fiz wants some security, the prospect of a house and a family of her own. Kirk takes this on board and resolves to do something about it. Ken arrives home but only to collect some of his things. Blanche tries to persuade him to stay but to no avail. He gives Blanche his new address - Denise's flat. Carla and Leanne go shopping together. Leanne enjoys the high-life with her new friend. Kirk borrows £200 from Tyrone to buy Fiz an engagement ring. Fiz has lunch with John. He suggests she should become a classroom assistant. Fiz tries to kiss John but he pulls away. Fiz is embarrassed.


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