Claire is still lying at the bottom of the stairs as the fire rages in the Peacocks' house. Liz and Derek are at his brother-in-law's flat. Kirk bursts into tears at the takeaway over losing Fiz. Jamie has to look after him. Roy and Hayley have spotted the smoke coming from the Peacocks'. Everyone in the Rovers finds out about the fire and piles out onto the Street. Jamie and Kirk kick the front door down. Everyone is trying to work out if the Peacocks have gone away or not. Kirk finds Claire. Jamie and Kirk carry Claire out of the house. Eileen explains that Freddie is also inside. Jerry runs into to try and save him. Roy also runs into the burning house. The fire brigade arrives. The firefighters search for Freddie. The paramedics attend to Claire. They take her to hospital. Deirdre goes to Denise's flat to see Ken. Deirdre tells him she wants him back. He tells her that he has to spend sometime with Daniel. They end up arguing. Jerry is distraught that he couldn't get to Freddie. Eileen is distressed in the hospital. Nobody can get in touch with Ashley.


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