Ken tries in vain to bond with Daniel but it's clear Daniel doesn't want him there. Carla's upset but brittle as she sorts out Paul's funeral in Ireland. Eileen drags Deirdre out for lunch to cheer her up. Ken watches from a distance. He's disappointed to see Deirdre looking so happy and assumes she can't be missing him. He returns to Denise's flat feeling depressed. Janice overhears Kelly laughing with the factory girls about Leanne being a prostitute. Janice and Kelly end up fighting and Leanne has to break it up. Eileen and Jerry continue decorating No.4. It's clear they enjoy each other's company. Gail offers to pay David for each exam he sits. David's amused that she's resorted to bribery but tells her he's not interested. Gail's at her wits' end. Daniel introduces Ken to his friend as his grandfather. Ken tells Denise he doesn't blame Daniel for being embarrassed at having such an old father. Mel's still worried that her family's criminal activities will have a bearing on her career in the police. Jodie makes them all promise to stay out of trouble for Mel's sake. Ken and Denise chat about old times. Denise goes to kiss Ken but he pulls away shocked. Denise is mortified.


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