Frank continues to worry over what he saw Alf doing. He is surprised when Alf calls to speak to him. Doreen and Audrey Plant are flattered when Mario Bonarti takes an interest in them but he instantly transfers his attention to Christine when she calls in with Esther who tells her that Brian has offered her a better job, on £1 a week more. She doesn't know whether or not to take it. Christine faces going on holiday alone as the Starks are moving to Birmingham. Alf offers Frank and Ida charabanc tickets to Colwyn Bay on August bank holiday and Frank sees that the letter that Alf took was addressed to him anyway. He is relieved. Alf tells him that the postman who was pilfering has been found. Linda is tired of Elsie interfering with the baby. She determines to do something about it. Billy is interested to hear about the girls in London from Walter Fletcher. Annie isn't pleased when she overhears their conversation. Ena thinks Billy will do well in the capital although it has dens of vice. Christine stares Mario down when he continues to look at her. He apologises to her and asks her out. She isn't sure although she's taken with him. Elsie calls round again, offering to babysit so that Linda and Ivan can go out. They return briefly for Ivan's wallet and Linda is annoyed, thinking that Elsie has disturbed Paul. Annie starts to grow upset at the thought of Billy moving away and Jack comforts her. Linda rows with Elsie over the baby causing Elsie to walk out. Linda tells her not to come back again.


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  • TV Times: No synopsis appeared in the magazine for this episode.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 5,378,000 homes (2nd place and the programme's highest placing in the charts to date).
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