Paul tells Leanne that her food is terrible. Leanne tries to defend it but Paul explains he's a chef. Sally decides she's going to do an 'A' level in English Literature. Janice takes the mickey whilst Wiki is supportive. Jerry receives a letter from Environmental Health saying that a neighbour has complained about the noise. He and the kids realise that Gail's behind it. Jodie's furious. Sally bumps into Casey who's looking after Joshua. Sally finds her slightly odd. Ashley gives Kirk his first butchery lesson. Kirk thinks it's terrific. Janice and Roger eat at the Italian. The restaurant is half empty and Leanne's stressed out. Ashley insists Casey must stay for dinner to say thank you for minding Joshua. After dinner, Ashley pours his heart out to Casey about how he wishes Claire would come home and how much he misses Fred. Ashley gets emotional and Casey comforts him. Without thinking, Ashley kisses her on the lips. Casey pulls away and Ashley's mortified at what he's done.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Casey proves a big help to Ashley, so he invites her to stay for dinner; Leanne is annoyed when Paul criticises her food; and Sally resolves to better herself by studying English literature.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,360,000 viewers (2nd place).
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