Doreen's working with Norris in The Kabin. She's concerned about him - suggesting Angela's death has affected him more than he's letting on. Steve's desperate to speak to Michelle but not sure what to say or where he stands with her. Leanne asks Dev if he'd like to invest in the restaurant. He agrees to come and have lunch with her and discuss it. Leanne's hopeful. Cilla asks Becky for a job in Roy's Rolls. Becky's disparaging and tells her they're looking for a toilet attendant in the Arndale Centre. Liz is gagging for a cigarette. Vernon reckons she needs a new addiction to take her mind of it. He suggests crisps. Rosie tells Amber she might not bother with sixth form but might get a job instead. John gives Sally another English lesson. Sophie tries to flirt with him. Sally and Kevin are amused by their daughter's crush. Michelle calls to see Steve. She tells him how much she's missed him and how much she loves him. Steve's ecstatic as he thought she wasn't interested. Cilla arranges an interview for a job as a carer in a nursing home. Emily persuades Norris that he should attend Angela's funeral. Michelle and Steve promise each other that they'll be together forever.


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