Episode 6626
Production code P694/6626
ITV transmission date 22nd August 2007
Script editor Sarah Mann
Kathryn Pugsley
Story editor Stuart Blackburn
Story associates Martin Sterling
John Kerr
Kate Rogerson
Louise Sutton
Writer Jonathan Harvey
Designer Alan Davis
Director Tony Prescott
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Steve Frost
Previous episode 20th August 2007
Next episode 24th August 2007


It's Jack and Vera's 50th wedding anniversary. Jack gives Vera a gold necklace which Paul secretly bought. Vera's delighted. Eileen and Jerry go on their first date. Jerry's mortified to find his shirt matches the tablecloth in the restaurant. Dev, donning a chauffeur's uniform, picks Jack and Vera up in his car and drives them to the Rovers in style for their Golden Wedding party which Molly and Paul have organised. Jason's worried about David's state of mind. He tries to talk to him about his fantasy of killing his family but David makes a joke out of it. Amber gets her GCSE results: 3 A's, 5 B's and 2 C's. David takes the mickey. At the party Jack makes a touching speech and then sings to Vera. Gail's shocked when David announces he's been to collect his GCSE result and he got an A*. Paul slips away from the party. Back at No.9 he rifles through Jack and Vera's document tin but quickly puts it back when they arrive home.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit




  • TV Times synopsis: Jack and Vera celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary and Molly takes care to ensure that their party at the Rovers goes without a hitch; Gail is annoyed with David when he claims to have not bothered picking up his exam result; and Eileen and Jerry enjoy their first date.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,570,000 viewers (5th place).
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