Paul secretly borrows the deeds to No.9 from Jack and Vera's document tin. Leanne arrives at the restaurant to find Paul there showing a man from the bank round. She's intrigued when he refers to Paul as "Jack". Jason's still worried about David's state of mind but he bottles out of telling Sarah. Using the deeds to No.9 and a fake driving licence, Paul persuades the man from the bank to lend him £20,000 to buy into the restaurant. Steve, Amy, Michelle and Ryan leave for a holiday in Ireland. Leanne's shocked when Paul admits he's stolen Jack's identity to borrow the £20,000, but realising she's not going to find another investor she agrees to sell him 40% of the business. They shake on the deal. Casey calls to see Ashley. She tells him it's best if she leaves and starts a new life elsewhere although she secretly hopes Ashley will disagree. Leanne tells Roger that she's found a new investor and he can have his £10,000 back. Mel's alone in the takeaway when two thugs refuse to pay for their kebabs. Eileen enters and seeing what's going on she throws them out. Paul tells Jack and Vera how he's bought into the Italian restaurant. They're really proud of him. Jerry thanks Eileen for sorting out the thugs and they arrange another date together.


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