Norris takes George and Ivor to the Rovers and introduces them to Rita and Doreen. Jerry bribes his family to stay out of the way that evening as he's cooking a meal for Eileen. Audrey goes to visit Claire and implores her to start building bridges with Ashley before it's too late. Claire's adamant that Ashley will always be there for her but Audrey's secretly worried. Paul persuades Leanne it's better to give Roger his money back a bit at a time then they can invest the rest in the restaurant. Casey calls at No.4 and whilst Ashley hopes to let her down gently, he's thwarted when Casey declares her undying love for him. Cilla takes Frank to the Rovers. He tells her that she's the best looking woman in the pub and Cilla agrees to be his full-time carer. Eileen's all dolled-up ready for her date with Jerry. Gail makes bitchy comments. Roger's disappointed when Leanne gives him a cheque but it's only for £2,000. Jerry and Eileen are enjoying a meal at No.6 but are continually interrupted by Darryl and Kayleigh. In desperation Jerry carries the food down to the shed. Jerry and Eileen infuriate Gail by listening to loud music. She bangs on the shed with a broom to complain, and appalled when the pair share a kiss in front of her.


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