Casey stalks Ashley. Norris is sulking because Rita refused his marriage proposal. Ashley and Claire take Yvonne to the dentist while Kirk looks after Freddie. Jerry asks Eileen to the cinema. Gail discovers that the freezer is off. David has removed the fuse ruining the food. Casey tells Kirk that Ashley has been held up and that she has come to take over babysitting Freddie. Casey takes Freddie. Audrey sees Casey with Freddie. Casey tells Audrey that her and Ashley are together and will be getting married. Audrey is concerned. David intercepts a package for Gail and dumps it in a wheelie bin. Rita reads the lonely hearts out to Norris who is not amused. Ashley is furious when he finds out that Casey has taken Freddie. Audrey tells Claire what Casey said and that she has Freddie. Claire is confused. Ashley finds photos of himself all over Casey's flat. Casey has locked Freddie out on the balcony and won't give Ashley the key. Ashley is scared by Casey's behaviour. She tells him she started the fire at their house. Hayley meets a Private Investigator to try and find her son. Audrey and Claire see Ashley's car at Casey's flat. Ashley tells Casey to stay out of his life. Casey holds Freddie on the balcony and threatens to kill herself and the child. Claire bangs on Casey's flat door.


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