Claire is angry and distressed and pushes her way into Casey's flat. Ashley tells Audrey to phone the police. Casey overhears Ashley and Claire and threatens to jump off the balcony with Freddie. Claire and Ashley are petrified. Casey tells Claire that Ashley loves her now. Jerry and Eileen go to the cinema together. Molly is frustrated with the lack of effort Tyrone is putting into flat-hunting. Tyrone is still suspicious of Paul. Casey gets agitated when she sees the police arrive. Maria is frustrated as Audrey hasn't shown up at the Salon. Maria has to cope with the angry customers and irritating David. Casey forces Ashley to admit that they slept together. Jodie is frustrated that she has been left to look after the kids again. Casey makes Ashley propose to her. Claire manages to take Freddie from Casey. Jodie is upset that Jerry won't go and pick Kayleigh up. Lloyd goes to get Kayleigh, Jodie is secretly touched. Kayleigh is drunk and sick in Lloyd's cab. Lloyd and Jodie flirt. The police arrest Casey. Ashley tries to apologise to Claire for cheating but Claire walks away.


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