David cuts and shaves the hair off one of Bethany's dolls. Molly has booked a viewing to see a flat but Tyrone is dragging his feet. Later, Tyrone tells Molly that while Paul is at the Duckworths' house he doesn't want to move as he thinks Paul is up to something suspicious. Molly is frustrated. The factory girls wind Sean up over the details of how Violet become pregnant. Gail and Sarah are angry when they see what David has done to Bethany's doll. Sally is proud of Rosie for getting nine GCSE's. Carla wants the factory girls to do overtime, Sally is unhappy as this will interfere with her English Literature lesson with John. Sally tries to talk to Carla but she won't listen. Hayley meets up with the Private Investigator in the Rovers. Rosie offers to go and let John in to the house while Sally finishes off at work. The Private Investigator leaves Hayley with a folder containing documents, addresses and a photo of her son. Becky tells Hayley that she'll go with her to the record shop where he works. Hayley panics outside the shop so Becky goes in. Once Becky has been in Hayley manages to summon up the courage and go in herself. Gail tells Audrey how worried she is about David. Liz tells Violet that she can't understand why she's having a baby in this way but she'll keep her thoughts to herself from now on.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Hayley discovers the private detective has tracked down her son and plans to visit him, though Becky warns her to be careful about revealing her identity just yet; and Sean and Violet try not to pay attention to the factory girls' gossip about their having a baby together.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,750,000 viewers (2nd place).
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