Hayley is in the record shop, she wants to say something to Christian but bottles out and ends up just buying a CD. She decides to tell Roy the truth. Claire is making dinner for the kids when Ashley brings them home, he's already fed them. Claire is cross. Claire decides it is time to tell Joshua that they are no longer together. Ashley doesn't want to but Claire says it's time. They speak to Joshua. David storms out of the Salon when Gail goes in, this upsets her. Roy is angry that Becky disappeared all afternoon. Hayley tells him it's her fault and that she needs to talk to him urgently. Hayley confesses that she lied about being a virgin and that she has a son. Roy is devastated that she's lied and walks out. Ashley again tries to apologise to Claire but she shuts him out. Hayley believes she's ruined her relationship with Roy because he values truth and honesty above all things and thinks lying is unforgivable. Becky says that if anyone can understand it is Roy. Hayley isn't so sure. Sally is embarrassed when Rosie and Kevin bring kebabs home for dinner while John is there. When she discovers Rosie paid for dinner, she accuses Kevin of encouraging her to work in the factory rather than going back to school. Jason tries to get David to see he's hurting Gail but David doesn't care. David talks about a serial killer. Jason is wary of David. Jerry and Kevin try to comfort Ashley over the state of his marriage. Hayley tries to make Roy understand why she lied but he is unwilling to listen.


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