Roy snaps at customers and continues to snub Hayley. The factory girls notice Roy's unusual behaviour. Fiz is concerned. Paul continues to rub Tyrone up the wrong way. Audrey speaks to Claire - she tries to make her think about taking Ashley back. Becky attempts to make Roy see how much Hayley is hurting and that she loves him. Carla humiliates Sally in front of Rosie and the rest of the factory. Carla is kind to Hayley and allows her the afternoon off. Hayley makes Roy understand that she loves him and their relationship can survive. Hayley states that if it's a choice between Roy and Christian, she chooses Roy. Roy concludes that he'll support her as long as there are no more lies and she must tell Christian the truth. Dev reckons the reason that Tyrone dislikes Paul is because he thinks Paul fancies Molly. Hayley goes to see Christian, she tells him she is his father's sister and that his father is dead. Hayley suggests he visit her tomorrow to talk properly. Sally is seething when Carla takes Rosie to the Rovers. Carla embarrasses Sally again. As Eileen and Jerry are going out together Jason makes an effort to get to know him. Roy is angry that Hayley lied to Christian. Both Roy and Hayley are suffering.


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  • TV Times synopsis: As Roy struggles to come to terms with her deceit, Hayley prepares to meet her son - but the encounter results in her telling more lies. Claire feels the strain of her separation from Ashley and forgives Audrey, but remains adamant that her marriage is over.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,260,000 viewers (4th place).
  • Due to the Rugby World Cup, the episode due to be transmitted on Friday 14th September was moved to Sunday 16th September, broadcast along with the usual episode for that evening in an extended hour-long edition.
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