Ashley is still sleeping on the sofa at the Websters' house. He feels in the way. Hayley is preoccupied thinking about Christian. Paul pockets a letter from a finance company. Tyrone has to say sorry to Paul again for accusing him of taking Jack and Vera's letter. There is still tension between them. Sarah is planning the wedding and going to meet the photographer. David is winding her up with sarcastic comments. There is a gas leak at Bethany's school so David has to babysit for her. Hayley shouts at the factory girls for talking. Nobody knows what's wrong with her. David is horrified to find Bethany playing with the doll that he hid the ecstasy tablets inside. The drugs are strewn all over the carpet. David discovers Bethany has taken one of the tablets. He makes her drink salt water to make her sick. Violet complains to Jamie about being pregnant and unable to drink. Ashley tells Kevin that he's going to look for somewhere to live. Becky is concerned about Hayley. She tries to speak to Roy about it but he just says she'll be fine. Becky can see that Hayley is upset about Christian. David is worried about Bethany. Leanne overhears Paul talking on the phone calling himself "Jack" and asking for his letters to be posted to the restaurant. Bethany starts fitting. David phones for an ambulance.


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  • TV Times synopsis: When David leaves Bethany unattended, she swallows one of the hidden Ecstacy tablets and starts convulsing. Tyrone apologises to Paul; and Violet seeks solace in the pub when Sean goes out with Trevor again.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,370,000 viewers (2nd place).
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