Sarah's relieved when the consultant tells her that Bethany should make a full recovery. Fiz is put out when Sally says that she and John are going to the theatre on Monday to see Henry V. Fiz was hoping John would take her out for her birthday. Liam arrives back from Edinburgh and is intrigued to watch Carla flirting on the phone with a client called Tony. Carla explains he's placing a big order but Liam's sceptical. Hayley gives Roy a tent for his birthday and Becky gives him a document holder - Roy's touched. He and Hayley set off for a picnic. Jerry's furious to find that David's been staying in the shed with Darryl. He throws him out and give Darryl a clip round the ear. David tries to worm his way back in with Gail but this time he's gone too far. Gail throws him out of the house telling him to find somewhere else to live. Hayley admits to Roy she wants to try and get to know Christian better. Roy agrees but insists she must tell Christian the truth that she's his father. John tries to resolve the problem of Fiz's birthday and it's agreed that they'll all go to the theatre - John, Sally, Fiz and Kevin. Audrey's shocked that Gail's thrown David out. Feeling she has no option as his grandmother, she tells Gail that David will have to move in with her. Audrey tells David he's going to live at her house and adhere to her rules.


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  • This episode was transmitted at 7.15pm to allow for coverage of the Rugby World Cup.
  • TV Times synopsis: Audrey comes to David's aid and pleads with Gail not to give up on her son, who spent the night in Darryl's shed; Roy tells Hayley she must come clean with Christian if she plans to see him again; Sally isn't pleased when John extends the theatre invitation to Kevin and Fiz; and Liam returns to find Carla has struck up a friendship with Tony, and wonders if there's more to it than meets the eye.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,070,000 viewers (10th place).
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