Chesney is angry that Cilla has lost him his paper round. He manages to get it back. Paul undermines Tyrone again. Tyrone is deflated. There's tension as Roger asks Leanne when she will be repaying the loan. Cilla is watching the shopping channel and buying everything she sees. Janice and Roger are in Valandro's for a meal. Leanne asks him to look at the gents' toilets as they are overflowing. Roger is not best pleased. Fiz is frustrated because she knows that Cilla won't be sensible with the money. Cilla wants to go and live in Las Vegas but is brought back to reality with a bump when Kirk mentions taking Chesney. Cilla wants to go alone. Paul persuades Jack that he should take Vera away. Jack decides on Blackpool. Kirk mentions Vegas in front of Chesney but Cilla says she doesn't want to go. Tony is surprised to find that Carla is going away. Rosie asks Liam if he wants to go to a restaurant with her but he is too distracted by Carla and Tony to hear what she is saying. Rosie thinks he has agreed to go with her but then realises he wasn't listening. Lloyd manages to get tickets to a concert for Jodie and night at a hotel in Preston. Jerry tells her she can't stay over as he's away. Jodie is furious. Jack and Vera go off to Blackpool. Paul tells Tyrone and Molly he's been left in charge. Tyrone feels defeated. Chesney and Cilla talk and agree that he should join Cilla at a later date in Vegas.


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