Cilla is packing for Las Vegas and leaving tonight. Chesney is upset that she's going so soon. Paul enjoys winding Molly and Tyrone up. They hate him. Eileen is worried, she can see how upset Jodie is but Jerry doesn't see it. Cilla gives Kirk £1,000 each for Chesney and Fiz. Cilla and Chesney keep pretending that Les will be back soon. Tyrone is upset when Jack rings to speak to Paul but doesn't want a word with him. They go to look at a flat. They decide to take it but Molly realises how unhappy Tyrone will be leaving Jack and Vera so when Paul asks if they're moving she says they are staying. Paul is frustrated. Leanne is thrilled with a review of the restaurant but feels deflated when Roger mentions the loan again. Cilla tells Chesney that she'll send for him but he knows she won't. Cilla buys everyone's drinks in the Rovers. Fiz discovers Cilla's plan and storms into the Rovers to give her some home truths but Cilla doesn't care. Cilla strops out and takes the money she was leaving for Fiz. Janice accuses Roger of only sticking around until he gets his money. Roger tells her she's wrong. They make up. Cilla leaves, she is upset to leave Chesney. She says Chesney will be better without her. Kirk comforts Chesney.


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