Sally offers John a lift to work. John accepts and Fiz is fuming. David's wrong-footed when Jason and Todd thank him for sending Todd the invitation explaining how it's helped bring the family back together. Kevin arrives back from his lads' weekend in Milan without Jerry. He explains to Jodie that her dad's been arrested for dancing naked in a fountain. Jodie's furious. Todd tells Jason that for Sarah's sake he's going back to London and won't be attending the wedding. Jason's gutted but agrees it's for the best. Todd pours his heart out to Sarah. At first she's hostile but eventually they make up and Sarah insists he not only stays for the wedding but is best man too. Kirk and Chesney stock up on convenience food. Maria tells Kirk he needs to clean the kitchen as it stinks. Liam discovers that Rosie never passed Maria's message on and hid his mobile phone. He apologises to Maria who pretends it's no big deal. Liam tells Rosie off for trying to scupper his relationship with Maria. Rosie arrives home in tears. Fiz tells John it's obvious that Sally's got a crush on him and it's getting her down. Jason, Todd, Sarah and Eileen go for a drink to celebrate the fact that they're one happy family. David's jealous and realises his plan has backfired.


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