Roy's missing Hayley. Becky attempts to cheer him up. Jason is discharged from hospital although he'll be on crutches for eight weeks. David is visibly relieved that Jason is still alive. Rosie hands in her resignation to Liam explaining she's going back to school. Sean accompanies Violet to her twenty-week scan. Violet's concerned when Sean refers to the baby as "our child". Doreen meets up for a drink with George and Ivor. Norris is put out. Both George and Ivor misconstrue Norris's behaviour thinking that he's got the hots for Doreen. Bill discovers that the railings on the balcony at the Yard had been loosened. He tells Jason he suspects that David is behind it. Jason's shocked whilst Todd's disbelieving. John and Rosie are kissing on the sofa in the front room when Sally returns home. They leap apart and Sally's none the wiser. John gives Sally an English lesson. Lloyd asks Jodie out on a date again and tells her that he's lined Eileen up to babysit. Jason tells Gail and Sarah how he and Bill reckon David tried to kill him. Gail doesn't want to believe it but Jason tells her about the time on the factory roof when David pretended to point a gun at her in the garden saying he wished his family were dead. Gail's horrified realising that her son is completely out of control.


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  • TV Times synopsis: After he is released from hospital, Jason tells Gail that he suspects David tampered with the scaffolding and caused the accident; John's tutoring session with Sally gives Rosie another opportunity to get closer to him; and Violet becomes uneasy when Sean asks to know the sex of the baby at her scan.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,150,000 viewers (5th place).
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