Doreen's cool towards Rita, convinced that Rita's jealous of Norris's feelings for her. Gail, Audrey, Bill, Eileen, Todd, Jason, Sarah and Bethany all have Sunday lunch at the Platts'. Audrey brings the wedding cake with her but the bride and groom are missing from the top. Sean shows Jamie the baby clothes that he's bought - they're blue. Jamie's appalled at Sean for tricking Marcus into telling him the sex of the baby. Fiz is fed up when Sally accosts John in the Rovers. John is unnerved when Rosie puts her hand on his thigh under the table. David feels more left out than ever as he listens to laughter coming from the lunch party at No.8. Marcus meets Sean for a drink and begrudgingly forgives him. Maria gives Liam a surprise present in return for the locket. It's a puppy. Norris is bemused as to why Doreen is being so nice to him. Rita explains that Doreen thinks he's going to propose to her. Norris shocks Rita when he says it isn't a bad idea. Everyone's had too much to drink at No.8, and the sound of their laughter annoys David. Using Darryl's airgun, he shoots at the plastic bride and groom which was originally on the wedding cake.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Feeling left out of the wedding, David tells Darryl that he believes Gail wishes she'd never had him, while Sarah becomes convinced something nasty is going to happen on her big day; and Jamie is put in an uncomfortable position when Sean reveals he knows the sex of Violet's baby.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,990,000 viewers (1st place).
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