David watches Kayleigh and Finlay who are busy making a Guy to put on the bonfire. Sarah asks Jason to drop her wedding dress off at the dry cleaners. Sally tells Kevin, Rosie and Sophie that she needs more help around the house whilst she's studying for her 'A' level. Jodie reminds Jerry that she's going out with Lloyd and he's looking after the kids. John suggests to Sally that they go to the theatre to help with her studies. Sally's ecstatic thinking she's on a hot date whilst John's oblivious. Fiz is fed up with Sally fawning over John. She tells John it's obvious that Sally fancies him but John's disbelieving. Wiki discovers a leak in the factory. Carla begrudgingly gets Janice to call Roger out to have a look at it. Jason accidentally leaves Sarah's wedding dress in the café. David finds it and dumps it in the Mortons' garden next to the Guy. John gives Sally an English lesson at No.13. Kayleigh finds Sarah's wedding dress in the garden and cuts it up to make it fit the Guy. David watches through the window. Sally can't concentrate on her studies and finally blurts out to John that she's got a crush on him. John's taken aback.


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