Episode 6683
Production code P694/6683
ITV transmission date 11th November 2007
Script editor Sarah Mann
Kathryn Pugsley
Story editor Stuart Blackburn
Story associates Martin Sterling
John Kerr
Kate Rogerson
Louise Sutton
Iain MacLeod
Writer Martin Allen
Designer Alan Davis
Director John Anderson
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Steve Frost
Previous episode 9th November 2007
Next episode 12th November 2007


Marcus is relieved that Violet is no longer going to make a complaint about him. Sean's distracted, worrying about what Violet said. Jerry has a go at Lloyd for dumping Jodie. Lloyd's taken aback and later tells Jodie how her dad threatened him. Jodie's furious at Jerry's interference. Sally watches jealously as John moves his stuff into Fiz's flat. Tony calls at the factory and flirts with Carla. He gives her some new lingerie designs but Carla's concerned they might need specialist machinists. Jodie tells Jerry she's had enough of skivvying for him and packs her things. Kayleigh and Finlay beg her to stay but Jodie's mind is made up. She leaves for London to stay with a mate. Jerry's gutted. Liz and Vernon arrive back from Paris. They're put out to learn that Michelle and Ryan have moved into the Rovers together with Liam's dog, Ozzy. John tells Rosie that their relationship is over. He's now committed to Fiz having moved in with her and he's about to become Rosie's teacher. Rosie's disappointed. Fiz and John are happy to be living together. John's secretly relieved to have finished with Rosie. Rosie meanwhile is plotting how to win him back.


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