Jerry catches Kayleigh as she lets herself in at 4:30am. He's furious with her and horrified when she admits that she's been doing it for months. John finally manages to convince Fiz that he wasn't kissing Sally and they're not having an affair. Fiz apologises. Violet and Sean aren't speaking to each other. Eileen's fed up with both of them. Fiz tells Kevin that she got it wrong and there's nothing going on between John and Sally. Kevin's relieved. Eileen's disappointed when Jerry cancels their date explaining he needs to spend more time at home with his kids. David lets slip to Sarah that Jason went for a drink with Becky. Jason later assures her he doesn't fancy Becky she was just thanking him for fixing the tap. Ivor, George and Norris all vie for Doreen's attention. Doreen weighs up their respective assets whilst Rita looks on appalled at her mercenary attitude. Fiz apologises to Sally for slapping her and accusing her of having an affair with John. Sally can't look her in the eye and Fiz's suspicions start to re-emerge. Again Fiz voices her concerns to Kevin. Jason enjoys a game of darts with Becky, Bill and Roger. Sarah spots him leaving the Rovers with Becky and immediately becomes suspicious.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Sarah begins to question Jason's fidelity when a scheming David infers her husband is secretly seeing Becky. Fiz thinks she's confirmed her suspicions about John and Sally as she tries to keep tabs on them; and Kayleigh accuses Jerry of neglect when he discovers she has been going clubbing for months.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,300,000 viewers (7th place).
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