Fiz and John plan a night on the town. Rosie sidles up to John and tells him she's got the house to herself tomorrow and suggests he pops round. John has conflicting emotions. Jamie and Violet scan the papers looking for a flat to set up home in. Sarah takes Jason to the café for lunch. She makes a point of showing Becky that they're a married couple very much in love. Sarah makes a bitchy comment to Becky about her hair. Becky's fuming and Jason's embarrassed. Vera suggests to Jack that they should look at moving to Blackpool permanently. Doreen tells Norris how Rita has been belittling him behind his back in order to scupper any relationship they might have had. Norris is furious with Rita but Rita points out it's for his own good. John cancels his night out with Fiz and tells her he's got to work on Saturday. Fiz is immediately suspicious. Sarah's annoyed to discover that Jason and Becky have been texting each other. Sean, Violet, Jamie and Marcus try to discuss the baby's future in a civil fashion but it soon degenerates into a row. Fiz talks to Kevin about her suspicions. Kevin insists they need concrete evidence and suggests they follow John and Sally on Saturday. David, out to cause trouble, takes Jason's phone and texts Becky from it.


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