Liam tries to warn Carla off Tony but Carla insists she doesn't need his protection. Rosie points out to John the reason that her essay is a bit short is that she was in bed with him when she should have been finishing it. John's embarrassed. Sean offers Jamie and Violet £500 for their flat deposit but they refuse to take it. Later, Sean persuades Violet to accept the money as a loan. Jamie's none the wiser. Carla confronts Tony about Lindsey. He assures Carla they divorced ages ago and it's all in Lindsey's head. Carla believes him. Violet's sister Lauren turns up in the Rovers looking for Violet. Betty disapproves of her. Maria goes for a drink with Liam hoping to tell him that she's pregnant but she can't find the right time. Violet's surprised to see Lauren whilst Sean's delighted to see her again. Sean suggests she comes to stay at No.11 with them. Violet has to agree. Sally's worried she's not clever enough for 'A' level English. John assures her she is. Ryan's made-up when Michelle gives him all of Paul's old PlayStation games. Carla tells Liam to butt out of her personal life but the sexual tension between them is obvious. Meanwhile, Maria remains oblivious.


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