Liam tells Maria that he wants to marry her and keep the baby. Maria accepts. David pockets Becky's mobile and texts Jason from it knowing it'll wind Sarah up. Harry offers Eileen a job at the bookies on better pay. Steve's furious whilst Eileen's amused. Tony tells Liam that next time he wants any personal information about him to speak to him rather than his ex-wife, Lindsey. Tony invites Carla out for the evening but she declines saying that she's tired. Liam and Maria spend some time at home celebrating their engagement. Maria nips out to fetch some beers. Eileen's disappointed to find that Jerry's idea of a big night out is staying at home watching the TV with the kids. Eileen dumps him but they agree to stay mates. Sarah's furious when Jason gets a text from Becky. Jason doesn't take it seriously whilst David's pleased that his plan is working. When Dan chats Michelle up over the bar, Steve's quick to point out that Michelle is his girlfriend. While Maria's out, Carla calls to see Liam. She apologises for their earlier row. When Liam tells her that he's just got engaged to Maria, Carla's stunned. Maria arrives home and Carla's forced to congratulate her. Carla leaves and phones Tony saying she's changed her mind and fancies a night out after all.


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