Michelle gets Lloyd to run Ryan to school and escort him to the gates. Stephen takes David shopping for a suitcase for his trip to Italy. Sarah's furious. Eileen and Lauren are supposed to be helping Violet and Jamie decorate their new flat. Somehow Eileen ends up doing all the work. Lloyd spots Nick in his car outside the school. He follows him home and phones Michelle. Harry hires a van, intent on moving his soon-to-be ex-wife out of the house. Michelle and Liam drive over to Sale where Lloyd is waiting outside Nick's house. Michelle's very wound up, wanting to know why Nick has been stalking Ryan. Tony tells the factory girls he's giving them an afternoon's paid holiday so that Carla can close the factory and he can take her out. Carla's impressed. Mel's delighted when she gets a call from the Police to say she's got a place on the training course. Dan discovers Abi is a police officer. Determined to get some answers, Michelle knocks on Nick's front door. She's taken aback when a young boy answers the door. Michelle's shocked as the boy is the spit of her late husband, Dean.


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