Carla's furious to discover the wedding's been brought forward and calls Maria a gold-digging bitch. Maria tells Carla to stay away from Liam. Vera's delighted when their offer on the bungalow in Blackpool is accepted. Tyrone and Molly tell Jack and Vera they'd like to buy No.9. Sally confides in Rita how much she despises Rosie for what she's done. Rita makes her see Rosie's still a child and she has to forgive her. Michelle and Steve find Ryan and Phil in the cafe. Ryan's giving Roy a hard time because there's no disabled toilet and Phil's in a wheelchair. Roy's apologetic. Carla calls round to see Liam. She brings a dish of his favourite stew with her. Maria's put out as Carla plays the concerned sister-in-law. Gail's shocked to find David and Tina half naked in the house. Tina's unfazed and offers Gail a hot drink. Michelle lies to Ryan about Nick saying how Nick mistook him for his own son. Carla accuses Maria of hating her. Liam sticks up for Maria which annoys Carla. Sally tells Rosie she loves her but she's no longer a child and needs to start taking some responsibility. David walks Tina to the bus stop and they snog on the way. David's besotted. As Carla leaves she gets Maria on her own and promises to make her life hell.


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