Episode 6732
Episode 6732
Production code P694/6732
ITV transmission date 16th January 2008
Script editor Sarah Mann
Story editor Stuart Blackburn
Story associates Martin Sterling
John Kerr
Kate Rogerson
Louise Sutton
Iain MacLeod
Writer Mark Burt
Designer Alan Davis
Director Michael Kerrigan
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Steve Frost
Previous episode 14th January 2008
Next episode 18th January 2008


Liam's bored stuck at home but Maria insists it's on doctor's orders. Molly plans to give No.9 a make-over when it's theirs. Vera's offended. Ryan's in emotional turmoil. Michelle tries to reassure him she'll always love him but Ryan's hurt that Michelle kept the truth from him for weeks. Wiki tells the factory girls she's going to start holding underwear parties. Kelly's very keen and Janice agrees to host a party in her flat. Ryan has a go at Liam and Carla for keeping schtum about Nick and Alex. Wendy, Alex's mum, calls to see Michelle. Michelle's initially hostile until she realises Wendy is just as worried about the outcome as she is. Maria's unhappy when she finds Liam back in the factory with Carla. Carla enjoys making Maria feel like a spare part. Jack and Vera look forward to their new life in Blackpool which is only six weeks away. Michelle discovers Ryan never turned up at school. She's worried sick wondering where he's got to. Steve tries but fails to calm her down. Liam phones the police to report Ryan missing.


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