Carla comes out of the bathroom. She makes Liam close his eyes while she gets dressed. The sexual tension is evident. Maria's beside herself at the thought of Liam and Carla in the same bedroom. Audrey tries to placate her saying there'll be a perfectly innocent explanation. Jack leaves a message for Terry telling him the funeral arrangements. Paul admits to Leanne he's dreading his dad turning up. David and Tina enjoy an evening of sex. Audrey has wasted no time telling everyone in the Rovers what David and Tina are getting up to at home as Jason and Jerry joke about his new found love life. Liam phones Maria and tells her he loves her. Maria feels a bit happier. Dan admits to Harry that the owner of the white stilettos was the wife of Harry's best man. Harry's furious that his son's been messing around with his best friend's wife. Ryan tells Michelle he doesn't want her to having anything to do with Alex. Michelle explains that it's not really up to her but it's Alex's decision. After a successful business dinner Carla and Liam go for a drink in the hotel bar. Carla tells Liam he's welcome to share her bed. Liam's sorely tempted but suddenly Tony arrives surprising Carla. Carla pretends she's pleased to see him whilst Liam decides to get a cab home to Maria. Both Liam and Carla are secretly disappointed wondering what might have happened.


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