Michelle gives Ryan the letter from Nick but he rips it up without reading it. As Sally prepares to collect Kevin from prison, Rosie announces she's not going back to school as everyone hates her. Sally's furious. Michelle reads Nick's letter. In it Nick apologises to Ryan for stalking him. Liz reckons the pub could do with a facelift. She suggests to Steve they do it up before Michelle's mother comes to stay for the wedding. Liz tells Vernon she's keeping her name as "McDonald". Kevin arrives back from prison. Rosie and Kevin hug. Liam has a word with Carla and tells her to lay off Maria. Carla's amused. Jack returns home with Vera's ashes in an urn. Rosie asks Carla and Liam for her job back at Underworld. Carla agrees. Molly and Tyrone decide they'd still like to buy No.9 if Jack's agreeable and let him continue to live there as their lodger. Jack tells Molly and Tyrone he's going to keep Vera's ashes and then one day his own ashes can be put with hers and they can be scattered together. Michelle secretly goes to meet Alex from school. Liam asks Ryan to be his best man at the wedding. Ryan's delighted. Michelle gives Alex her address and phone number and leaves feeling emotional.


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