Tony insists that his and Carla's relationship should be pleasure only and he'll deal with Liam on the business front. Carla reluctantly agrees. Gail congratulates Sean on his new son. Jamie's put out. David persuades Gail to go to the cinema with Audrey so he can cook a romantic meal for Tina at home. Steve leaves Alex to look after Amy. Alex gets fed up with her and pushes her out into the Rovers back yard to play. Amy wanders out of the back gate. Sean and Jamie visit Violet in hospital. Sean starts trying to take over and Jamie's quietly furious. Violet announces they've named the baby Dylan James. Lauren dupes Darryl into agreeing to take her out and pay for everything again. Vernon's mates finish decorating the Rovers. He is pleased with the result. Steve discovers the back yard gate open and realises Amy's gone. Steve and Michelle search frantically for Amy. They're relieved to find Norris has found Amy and she's fine. Violet agrees with Jamie that they'll have to leave Weatherfield if they want to raise Dylan as their own child. Steve's about to lay into Alex for neglecting Amy but Michelle stops him. Steve's furious with Michelle. Meanwhile Alex locks himself in the bar.


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