Episode 6787
Production code P694/6787
ITV transmission date 2nd April 2008
Script editor Kathryn Pugsley
Story editor Stuart Blackburn
Story associates John Kerr
Louise Sutton
Iain MacLeod
Catherine Cookson
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Alan Davis
Director Terry Dyddgen-Jones
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Steve Frost
Previous episode 31st March 2008
Next episode 4th April 2008


Leanne's spent the night in Janice's bed and Paul's disappointed. Leanne makes excuses saying how she couldn't sleep. When Eileen demands the rent, Lauren makes excuses leaving Eileen exasperated. Harry reads about the restaurant fire in the Gazette. He tells Dan he hopes he's got nothing to do with it. Dan remains tight-lipped. The police question Leanne about the fire. She tells them she was with Dan. When Dan's later questioned he backs up her story. Tony calls in the Rovers with a doll for Amy and tells Steve he's had a word on the building site and they're going to re-route some of the traffic. Leanne discovers Amber went back into the restaurant just as Paul was starting the fire. Leanne's worried wondering if Amber saw anything. The police question Paul about the fire. Eileen calls to see Gail again. Gail's memory is gradually improving and she recalls Jason leaving the house and slamming the door after their row. Eileen's delighted. Tina can't stand the stress and tells David she hopes Gail remembers everything then they won't have to lie anymore. Paul finds Dan round at Leanne's flat. He realises they're an item and she's simply used him to do her dirty work. Paul's gutted.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



  • TV Times synopsis: The truth dawns on Paul when he turns up at Leanne's to find Dan making himself at home there; and a guilty Tina struggles to hide her anguish as Gail has more flashbacks.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 10,140,000 viewers (6th place).
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