Kevin and Tyrone try to stop David but he continues smashing windscreens. Lauren phones Sean and asks him to cover her shift. More people are witnessing David smashing more windows. David pushes Ken back with the wrench and heads to the Salon. Rita, Audrey and Maria are inside as the window smashes. Audrey rushes to find Gail. The police arrive and take David away. When Leanne asks Dan for a job he obliges. Harry isn't pleased. Alex and Michelle meet again. He tells Michelle that Steve has been to see him. Audrey is glad Gail is realising that David has gone too far; but Gail is still upset. Roy takes a sample of droppings that he sees near the new-build flats. Marcus has seen Lauren out shopping but Sean explains that Lauren phoned in sick. Marcus is unimpressed. Roy examines the droppings back at his flat. Becky is perturbed. He is concerned that bats are nesting in the new building site, and wants to do something about the endangered species. Becky thinks he is mad - the builders are their best customers. Audrey offers to stay with Gail. They argue and Audrey storms out. David is in his cell crying.


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  • David Platt's rampage was heavily promoted by ITV in the run-up to the episode's broadcast. The storyline was billed as "Devastation Street".
  • TV Times synopsis: The residents are agog as David, hell-bent on destruction and determined to get sent down, causes chaos on the Street; and Leanne tries to persuade Dan to give her a job in the bookies.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 11,180,000 viewers (1st place).

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Rita Sullivan: "And now the whole street knows - I'm not a natural red head!"

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