Maria is sent home from the hospital knowing that she's carrying her dead baby. Marcus is supportive but Maria's numb with misery and shock. Liam's furious with Carla for sending his cab away and making him stay the night at her flat. Jason tries to order a sandwich from Becky in the cafe but Roy points out that he's barred and tells Becky she mustn't serve him. Audrey meets up with Ted Page. He tells her how his long-term partner died last year. Audrey tells Ted that he's a father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Liam drags his hangover to the pub. Lloyd and Liam discuss fatherhood. Liam feels guilty for the way he's treated Maria. Audrey tells Rita about Ted and how he's still got that old twinkle in his eye. Janice confronts Leanne demanding to know if she had anything to do with burning down the restaurant. Leanne as good as admits that she did. Janice is shocked. Maria eventually tracks down Liam to the Rovers. She drags him home with the intention of telling him their baby has died but Liam starts going on about how much he's looking forward to being a daddy and Maria can't bring herself to tell him.


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