Annie is keen to enter the Street in the "Best Kept Street" competition when she hears of the £100 prize money. Emily feels responsible for Dennis leaving. Elsie sets her mind at ease. Len and Jerry have to sort out their taxes at the yard but the office is in disarray. Ena doesn't like the way everyone assumes Annie will be in charge of their competition entry. Albert and Stan scoff as Annie and Hilda fill out the form, thinking the street doesn't stand a chance. Steve buys Elsie a diamond engagement ring. Elsie starts having doubts about marrying Steve because of what Gregg said. Val thinks she'd be mad to turn him down and points out that she and Ken are very different but do fine. Gregg apologises for speaking out of turn but Elsie tells him he was right. Len and Jerry are daunted by the task of sorting through mountains of paperwork. Jerry gets Emily to lend a hand. Hilda takes the entry form to the Gazette office and discovers they're too late to enter the Street in the competition. Annie starts blaming Hilda before Ena declares she has already entered them. Steve gives Elsie the ring but she refuses it.


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