Fiz becomes increasingly concerned about Chesney, who seems very down. Liam pours his heart out to Carla about the baby. Carla's genuinely shocked. Audrey breaks the news to Kirk and Julie about Maria's baby. Carla drives Liam round to Audrey's house and waits in the car. Maria and Liam are awkward with each other. Liam says he wants to go and see the baby. Maria's understanding but refuses to go with him. Carla takes Liam to the hospital where he holds his dead son. Carla hugs Liam who's glad of the comfort. Gail asks Audrey for Ted's telephone number. Audrey gives it to her but warns her to tread carefully. Sally continues to work on Kevin over the house-swap idea. Carla drops Liam back at Audrey's house as he needs to talk to Maria. Liam and Maria start making funeral arrangements for the baby. They're both emotionally strung out and glad of something to focus on. Claire tells Ashley that No.4 gives her nightmares ever since the fire. Ashley realises he's being manipulated but relents and agrees they can buy No.13. Liam returns home to find Carla there. Carla holds him in his hour of need.


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