Dan asks Steve to shift his cabs from outside the bookies as they're in the way. Steve ignores him. Darryl and Mel visit Jerry in hospital. Mel tells him that he's got to go on a diet. Norris has a go at Jason and Becky for carrying-on when Jason's a married man. Norris scrapes one of Steve's taxis with his wheelie bag. He checks nobody saw him do it and slinks off feeling guilty. Claire suggests to Steve that he and Michelle should buy No.4. He agrees to think about it. Steve discovers the scratch on his cab and assumes Dan did it to pay him back for winning at darts. Dan denies all knowledge but angry Steve thinks he's lying. Lloyd tells Teresa he'd like Finlay to have a DNA test to be sure he's his dad. Teresa manages to put him off the idea and then stitches him up for some more cash. Jason manages to put Becky off for the evening. Becky's oblivious to Jason's feelings and thinks they're totally in love. Mel wonders where Teresa's getting all her cash from. Teresa's evasive. Jason admits to Eileen that he doesn't really want to go out with Becky. Eileen insists he explains to Becky how he feels as soon as possible.


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