Harry puts pressure on Dan to admit that Steve didn't intentionally leave him for dead but Dan's unrepentant and he's enjoying make Steve suffer. Liam and Maria arrive back from their holiday all loved-up. They agree to try for another baby. Blanche kicks up a fuss about wanting a proper roast dinner. Ken goes to buy a chicken but he gets sidetracked and ends up in the Rovers. Deirdre is unimpressed. Jason tries to talk to Becky, hoping they can give it another try but Becky pretends she isn't interested. She feels guilty about sleeping with Steve. Tony, Carla, Liam and Maria share a drink in the Rovers. Liam's worried Carla might say something about their night together. Under pressure from Michelle, Steve pays Dan and Harry a visit. Harry promises to try and talk some sense into Dan. Lloyd asks Jason why Becky dumped him and wonders if she's seeing someone else. Steve's guilt-ridden over his one-night stand with Becky. Carla blackmails Liam telling him has to sell his share of the factory to Tony or she'll spill the beans to Maria about their liaison.


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  • This episode, transmitted at 7.00pm, was shown on a Sunday for the second week in a row as no episode was scheduled on Wednesday 18th June due to Euro 2008 football coverage.
  • TV Times synopsis: Harry gets roped into tackling Dan about the charges against Steve, who grows increasingly harrassed when Becky turns up at the pub; and Carla gives Liam an ultimatum on his return home.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,290,000 viewers (14th place - this was the lowest-rated episode of the year).
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