Episode 683
Production code P228/683
ITV transmission date 3rd July 1967 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Susan Pleat
Leslie Duxbury
Writer Vince Powell
Designer Knowles Bentley
Director Richard Doubleday
Producer Jack Rosenthal
Previous episode 28th June 1967
Next episode 5th July 1967


Major Ryan questions Elsie on her first marriage, children and asks her if she loves Steve. She's embarrassed to admit to being married when she met Steve. Len sorts out a bench for the space in the Street. Ena disapproves when Minnie donates kitchenware to the Lawsons. Betty asks for credit at the shop. Irma refuses but ends up going halves with Val to buy the family food. Ken tells them it's the welfare's job to help them. Elsie grows impatient as she and Steve go home without knowing the Major's verdict. A Corporal friend of Steve's calls him at the Rovers to inform him that the wedding has been approved. Hilda catches the Lawson boys carving the new bench and sends them packing. Ena gives Elsie her approval. The residents fear the Lawsons will cost them the contest. Stan suggests patrolling the street to make sure the lads don't get up to mischief before the judges arrive. Val appeals to Betty to go to the council. She refuses, certain she'll lose the kids. As a last resort, Val urges the residents to take the Lawsons in but no one wants them. Len reveals that the council have been trying to find the Lawsons to help them. Ken asks Len as his councillor to report the family.


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