Ashley and Claire pack up their furniture. Sally and Kevin do the same ready to swap houses. Carla offers Rosie the job of becoming her PA. Rosie's chuffed. Whilst Carla's out of the way, Rosie downloads the photograph of Carla and Liam onto her computer. Tony offers Liam £180,000 for his share of Underworld. He knows it's worth more but tells Liam to take it or leave it. Liam's fuming. David and Tina read the reference Audrey's written for him. It's not good and David reckons she's scuppered his chances of another job. Claire calls a halt to the house move when she finds out Sally and Kevin's money hasn't reached her account yet. Teresa packs her things. She has one last go at getting Jerry to change his mind but Mel quickly stamps on that. When Liam tells Carla he's not selling for £180,000 Carla phones Maria. Liam quickly changes his mind and agrees to the price. Steve sets off for Spain. Michelle's worried there's something going on. Liam agrees to sell his share of the factory to Tony for £180,000. Tony's surprised and wonders why he's so desperate to get out. Liz and Vernon leave for the backing gig in a studio. Carla enjoys dropping the bombshell on Maria that Liam has sold out of the factory.


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