Leanne gets Dan to vouch for the fact she spent the night with him in hospital and not in bed with Steve. Michelle's mortified. Teresa drags Darryl off to the Rovers leaving Tina to run the takeaway on her own. Vernon suggests to Liz they buy a bar in town of their own. Liz, fed up with the problems caused by Michelle, agrees it's a good idea. Michelle calls in the bookies to apologise to Leanne. She tries to persuade Leanne to take her job back at the Rovers but Leanne tells her to shove it. Michelle continues to harangue Lloyd, convinced he's still covering for Steve. Ted finishes cleaning No.8. He hides the cigarette burns under a potted plant. David and Tina are impressed with his efforts and even Audrey agrees to keep schtum about the party to Gail. Roy puts pressure on Becky to admit everything to Michelle. He disapproves of her lies. Becky feels guilty. Desperate to get Michelle off his back, Lloyd tells her that Steve is planning to propose and that he's gone to Spain to ask Andy to be best man and to find a castle where they can hold the wedding. Michelle's gobsmacked and promises Lloyd she won't let on to Steve. Lloyd wonders what on earth he's done.


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