Vernon excitedly tells Michelle that he and Liz are thinking of buying a bar in town. Michelle's pleased as she and Steve will have the Rovers to themselves. Claire continues to sort through the rubbish in the attic at No.13. She finds a box of very old concert programmes. Sally tells her they're worthless. Tony discusses his idea of expanding the factory with Carla. He tells her he plans to buy out The Kabin and the garage and use the space for a new loading bay. Michelle tells Liam how Steve's going to propose to her. Lloyd looks through Claire's old concert programmes. He's amazed to see there's a signed Beatles programme. He tells Claire it's worth a fortune. Vernon and Liz look round the bar in town. Vernon's very enthusiastic whilst Liz isn't so keen. Tony gives Sean a verbal warning when he discovers that he's been skiving from work. Michelle offers Becky a job at the Rovers. Becky's made up and accepts. Tony and Carla arrange to meet Rita and Norris. Carla tells them they're interested in buying The Kabin and the flat above. Liz finally comes clean and tells Vernon she doesn't want to buy a bar with him as she's not sure she wants to be with him. Vernon's gutted.


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