Becky arrives for work with a spring in her step after spending the night with Jason. Roy's annoyed that she's late. Ken tries to keep the peace. Rita tells Tony she'd like to accept his offer to buy The Kabin. Norris is furious but powerless as her junior partner. Roy continues to snipe at Becky when he finds her gossiping to Lloyd. Deirdre tells Vernon how sorry she is about his break-up with Liz. However, Blanche is less sympathetic and Deirdre, embarrassed, has to go inside. Michelle asks Becky if she'd like some regular shifts at the Rovers. Becky's made up. Roy reckons that Becky is morally wrong to accept a job from the girlfriend of the man she had a one-night stand with. Becky's fed up with Roy's lectures. Tony tells Kevin that he's interested in buying the garage. Kevin doesn't take him seriously. Vernon's packing up the last of his things and preparing to leave when Lloyd offers him the spare room in his flat. Vernon gratefully accepts. Roy reduces Becky to tears with his moralising and sniping. Upset and angry, Becky tells Roy that she's moving out.


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